The Last Fall

Ajitesh Abhishek
1 min readOct 24, 2016

(There is solace in routine. Howsoever worst it is, you don’t feel the emptiness. When she called it a day, I realized how quiet it was for me! Only sound I could hear was - scratch on paper, tap on keyboard and knock on every desk. Sleep my escape route, was nowhere for rescue that night, but only this realization)

It’s not bad when you fail, but when you fail someone
It’s not bad when you miss her, but when you couldn’t stand for her

It’s not bad that world conspired, but the weakness of your will
It’s not bad that 3 words were unsaid, but when they’re not meant

It’s not bad that she left, but your inability to stop it
It’s not bad that it’s over, but when she deserve so much better

Ajitesh Abhishek

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