It’s time to order new phone

I have been holding on to an old phone model from very long. Pixel 2 was released in 2017, and I have been constantly postponing this decision. To make it worse, I specially bought Pixel Buds because talking on this phone was so painful. Often person on the other side can’t hear me talk at all.

But hey, I like to hold on to things. I still hear same kind of music I used to 10 years ago. I still enjoy same kind of food and sports. I have been called boring, conventional, and anti-fashion by my ex girlfriend, but I proudly own these traits of mine.

But in just last few weeks, the quality of calls on this phone has truly depreciated. It almost felt like I was begging it to work. I know there isn’t boundary in love, but one has to eventually give up. I still remember when I first laid my hands on this phone, I was so excited. It used to give iPhone pictures run for the money. I used to so much engrossed in phone that I had reminders set to not use it on dates. Once it fell from my pocket, I had heart in mouth. I literally had my life figured out with the phone — taking it to vacation or keeping away from kids. But life happened.

Yesterday, I was speaking to my brother, and the phone started giving troubles again. I saw him getting frustrated with me pulling my earphones and making everyone wait. He told me it feels like someone is just scolding him when I use this phone. I realized it’s limit. It was okay till it was my pain, but I can’t make everyone around me suffer just because I want to hold on to phone. Yes it’s special, and I truly love it, but it has already made a choice.

I figured it’s time to be at peace with old phone. I ordered a new one — Pixel 4A. Sorry I think 5G is still far away. I am still uneasy, but I know it’s the right step. What we had was special, and it’s not hard to come by in life again. Unfortunately, the line of forgivable differences was crossed, and something special was lost.

But hey if it was the one for me, it would not have stopped working. It would have at least given me a chance :(

Of course, if it starts working, I am there will all the love in my heart. But I will not chase it anymore.

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Product Manager at Google | Runner | Loves writing | Personal Blog-