Give Them All But Not Your Dream

That’s all I have to say

Ajitesh Abhishek
1 min readFeb 23, 2017


It’s not why I called in, when no one did
It’s not why I was first to get my destiny tied

I wanted a place where I can be what I am
A place where I don’t need to explain

I let the dream in someone else hand
I shouldn’t blame if gets thrashed

It hurts, hurts in a ways tough to show
Things could turn this way, you never know

Even-if I gave it all, doesn’t that even matter
It takes no time for the dreams to shatter

Day after day, I gave it all like there was no more
Probably not for the day when I could be told it’s not your

Sitting and wishing that at least someone takes my side
Even after traveling together for so long, it seems lonely ride

If someone is keeping record, let it be noted
I played fair, till the time I was uprooted



Ajitesh Abhishek

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