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It’s windy today. It always is.

Piercing through the layers of clothing, these chilly winds affect me more. Perhaps, when you’re a bit lost you feel it more. However, my cribbing aside, Evanston isn’t a bad place. At least, you can’t hate the super-energetic squirrels of Evanston forever busy digging holes or searching for nuts. Unlike Indian squirrels, they have a unique sense of assertiveness.

Often, the lush green nature of this place and an abundance of squirrels makes me wonder whether decades back this place was a big jungle. It’s definitely easy to get lost here. …

Thanks for writing this. It's a nice read.

I'm curious about this highlighted part. How did you configure the transfer job? Did you use transfer via URL list? Feel free to also DM me at

ps - I'm a Product Manager in the Storage Transfer Service team.

There are times when the right thing to do isn’t the rational one in all our lives.

On my birthday, I received a friendly ping from Shruti. “Happy birthday to you!”, she said. For a moment, I felt it was just like old times. Instead of long messages with a countless number of hearts, it’s a couple of letters arranged in a non-poetic, monotonous manner. Of course, someone has tried to play cool.

I had two choices — just say “thank you” or say what I wanted.

It was clear the rational thing to do was to just drop thank…

You came in my dream yesterday
Looking as resplendent as ever

You asked how I have been doing
Truth would been a bit long so I said fine

“How is…

It’s just a day between Monday and Friday
A day I used to barely notice
But it’s different now

First few days of week I can manage
Last few I don’t know how I do
It’s the Wednesday I struggle

I wake up late and sleep more to keep it short
Thinking you can’t hurt me in sleep
Even if you can it doesn’t count

Even then it somehow never fails to punish me
My will is depleted enough that I struggle
It’s high enough that I still fight

I wish Wednesday goes back to being boring
A day between Monday and Friday
That no one counts or care

Reality I can bear
It’s the imagination that torments

Future I can tolerate
It’s the flashback that excruciates

Days I can hold on
It’s the night that shatters

Distance I can manage
It’s the difference that hurts

You and I can survive
It’s the possibility of we that kills

Source — TOI (Sorry, I couldn’t find a better pic anywhere, and that’s a big shame, because Chole Bhature deserves a much better picture and more importantly glory!)

On the doomsday, when everything would be put to justice, the world would realize the contribution of Chole Bhature to the progress of mankind.

A long, long time ago lived a famous mathematician in India Aryabhatta who was a big-time foodie. Confused by the subjectivity of taste and decision overload of what to eat every day, he decided to rate the food and only focus on the top ten percentile. So every day for straight thirty days he gave a numeric rating to different food items. At that time, there was no concept of zero, so he rated using the…

The debate between the book and film adaption has been for long. I would obviously lean toward book’s side. Books have fared way better in giving you a peek into the narrator's point of view and pulling into the world created by the merger of the writer’s depiction and reader’s perception. But not this time.

I just finished “The Fault in our Stars”, in an attempt to be all prepared for the final movie of Sushant Singh Rajput — Dil Bechara, which is based on an adaptation of this novel. I am all rooting for “Dil Bechara” to be better…

There is something about knowing that it’s the last time you are doing what you are doing. Every damn thing starting from zoom breakout rooms to case preparation becomes more interesting. You want to notice every detail and perhaps hold on to it for as long as possible. Even poor jokes seem funny. Our professor in an accounting class asked what’s ‘Fs and Us’? With excitement and smile, I said Favorable and Unfavourable variance. And professor quipped, that’s not the first thing that comes to mind when someone says Fs and Us, and we all laughed like anything.

Yesterday, to…

“In the moment of crisis, reactions set leaders apart from a follower”.

This quote is as applicable to leaders as to brand in the covid-19 crisis. As it’s the case in a crisis, some brands struggled. Some showed remarkable resilience and drive for innovation.

But is there a pattern among firms that have successfully responded to covid? Let’s start with usual suspects — access to capital, advertisement or just not shutting the shop.

Unsurprisingly, it’s not just the biggest companies with significant capitals who have impressed the consumers. Similarly, barring a few creative social media posts that went viral, I…

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